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Topiary Turtle



This whimsical turtle topiary frame is just waiting
for your magic. He is first filled with spagnum moss,
and the body cavity can be filled with earth. If you are using
only moss then you will need to water more often than
with earth in the body, as moss can dry out quickly.


Above one of the wonderful Illinois teachers is showing
a young gardener how to create a topiary with our turtle,
by tightly stuffing moss into all the openings. They
chose succulents to plant, but anything from ivy to
flowers work as well.


The turtle form has a goodsize opening, which makes the
body easy to work with. Moss can be stuffed into the legs
and neck. You can also simply set a planted pot into the
opening if you like the turtle but don't want the topiary.

He is 21" long, nose to tail, 12" wide, and 8" tall.



Topiary Turtle                           $ 17

Folks, I can get 3 or 4 of these into one box, so if you click the shipping and have an "EEK" moment, at this price buy several. I can put 3 in a 24x12x12 box, and 4-5 in a 22x15x15. Include your neighbors and friends. And IGNORE the quoted shipping, as it is per item. IGNORE IT!!!



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