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Flying Pigs . . . Sporty Roosters

and brilliant critters


"When pigs fly!" . . . indeed

How many times have you heard that from a friend or co-worker?

I thought you might enjoy putting one of these on your desk, or

giving it to a pal who needs to expand his or her horizons.

They are about 9" tall, and 9" nose to tail. 

They weigh under 1lb.

You can request a body color, but the rest is up to the artist.


# 3701


3701a Pink Flying Pig $ 14
3701b Blue Flying Pig $ 14
3701c Orange Flying Pig $ 14
3701d Red Flying Pig $ 14



# 3702

The Roosters


How about a sporty Rooster on the patio? 

I can hear Longhorn Leghorn from childhood,

gossiping out in the barnyard.

These guys are about 10" tall

and 12" beak to tail feathers.


3702a Black-Tail Rooster $ 16
3702b Carmel=Tail Rooster $ 16


# 3703

Ladybug on a Leaf


This ladybug can either hang or be placed in the garden

to add a little color to the rosemary.

This gal is 14" long, 9" wide

and about 5" tall.

3703 Ladybug on a leaf $ 17


$ 3704

Grasshopper on a Leaf

Like the ladybugs above, this grasshopper

can sit among your flowers, or hang on a wall or tree.

He is 14" long, 9" wide, and about 6" tall.

3704 Graasshopper on a Leaf $ 17

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