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Mexican Hand Blown Recycled Bubble Glass
Pitcher and Glasses Tuscan Pears


Blown & Hand-Painted Glass by Felipe de Jesus

Tuscan Pears

I can't even begin to tell you how pretty this pitcher is, with that gorgeous deep green and the ripe pears.  I described what I wanted to Felipe, and this was the result.  This is not frosted, it is painted with a clear smooth green that virtually shimmers.  The glass itself is clear, with a green glass lip and handle.  What a beautiful example of Mexican blown bubble glass and sheer imagination.  As with all hand-painted glass, this should always be hand-washed with a soft sponge.

4081  Tuscan Pear Pitcher
$ 29

4081a Set 4 Tuscan Pear Glasses $ 23

Please put "blue rim" or "green rim" in comment box during checkout.


Shipping is actual. You pay me what I pay to FedEx, including

my 30% discount. FedEx paperwork is in the box with your receipt.

Glasses are combined with pitchers to save money on shipping

wherever possible.  I will always look for the cheapest pack.

If you have ordered a variety of items, the discounts will not show

on your order.  I do that when I pack up and see what I can

safely put together.



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