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This section is here because I occasionally find items that just tickle me, so I buy a few to see if you like them too.  They will be all over the map in terms of category, but they stopped me when I was strolling in and out of factories and street fairs.
So have fun with this stuff.



It is amazing what can be made from old auto and
machine parts.  Click the photo below to meet three critters
who were standing in a crowd by the curb,
and the wagging, stretching, and
sheer silliness made me adopt a few.


Click the photo - they have their own page  







What fun to have this colorful Rooster strutting through
the yard. He especially likes to be in the middle of tall
greenery so that he can really stand out.
He just gleams in the sunshine. He is hand-hammered
metal, and very lightweight. He will not rust.

He is 17" Tall,  13" front to back, and 4" wide.

He is VERY lightweight.

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shipping is actual



Topiary Turtle (wire form)


Just click the photo. He has his own page.


When Pigs Fly

(and other silliness)

Just click the photo. They have their own page.


Twisted Wire Candle Holders



Twisted Wire Candle Holder


12" tall x 8" wide

5 lbs



Twisted Wire Candle Holder

                 Blue Black

  9.5 " tall x 7.5" wide

  4.5 lbs



Twisted Wire Candle Holder


 6.5" tall x 7" wide

 4 lbs.



Shipping is actual. You pay me what I pay to FedEx.

Paperwork in your box.


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