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Of all the icons made in the Americas, the one that is most consistent,

regardless of the country, is the mask.
While transcending borders, and revealing a great deal about

the culture, folk tales, and superstitions of a group, they also

celebrate life and death on many levels.

Working in Mexico it is not hard to find numerous styles
of masks, and I simply had to bring back a few.

The sun and moon are present on many masks.

click through on the picture above to go to his page.


The mask above by Felipe Perez Aygn is a beautiful
example of the style. This is a large mask.


I found these hand-painted masks on a blanket with a lot of Talavera items.

They are unique, and very highly detailed. 

These are not big masks, and are

painted on high fired red terra cotta. There were only one of each

of these masks. They have holes in the back for hanging.








# 3520

Sun & Moon One

                8 " x 8"


# 3521

Lady Sun One

               7 " x 7"


# 3522

Lady Sun Two

              7 " x 7"



# 3523

Sun & Moon Two

               7 " x 7"





Traditional Sun Mask

by Arpero

Click the image to go to this page

13" x 13"

This mask is very traditional.  It is made by the artist

who makes our wonderful animal planters. You see these

in homes around Tlaquepacque for luck.



Aztec Plummed Serpant Myth

Click the image to go to this page

18" x 15"

The artist who makes our terrific dogs and cats made this

mask.  It is his copy of a mask that hangs in the Museum of

Folk Art in Mexico City.  It represents part of the Aztec myth of

Quetzalcoatl, the only God to have a human avatar. 



Sun and Moon Masks

by Guadalupe

Click the image to go to this page.

Guadalupe Lopez, who makes the women's busts and heads

made these whimsical masks for us.  The one above is

14" tall, and absolutely delightful.





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