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For the Great Green Apple, lifestyle is about comfort, simplicity, and convenience.  It also includes a large dollop of whimsey.  It certainly includes all the regular categories here, as well as the really unusual.

This is the gazebo of our site, where we will put things we find that are special, and really unusual, and defy our ability to categorize them. They will include special purchases that may last only as long as we have the one-time inventory, or they may be something we design only for one season. I am sure they will be related to life outdoors, or bringing the outdoors in, so you are not going to find pots and pans, but other than that if we are out and about and stumble over something too grand to pass up, you will find it in this section, however briefly.

We have added some bubble glass bases recently, that look fabulous with pillar candles.  The glass is heavy, and imperfect, but reflects the light only the way this old-style glass can.  The bottom of each base has a crown, so adding glass stones adds both dimension, and stability.  I hope you enjoy them.  This was a one-time purchase.  You'll love the prices.

You will also find a beautiful screen we found in Guadalajara at an outdoor street fair.

A few wire animals with spring bodies have also dropped by.

Tule Screen


Dee Dee



Topiary Turtle



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