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Picture of Walter and Solin in their jewelry store.

Natural Cotton by MaChuy

There is true artistry in the jewelry made by

Solin and Walter. The work, all hand crafted

in a small tienda in Guadalajara,

is a visual treat for those loving

organic shapes and ingredients.

We have added some key rings made entirely from
a seed pod.  You will LOVE them!

Picture of Walter and Solin's work table with the seeds and stones

Their workspace is as intricate as their jewelry.

Picture of Solin


Picture of Walter working


Solin and Walter work with natural seeds and pods.  Most are natural, but

as you can see in the new necklaces some seeds and pods are dyed to

get those fabulous tropical colors. They are called "semillas" in Spanish,

and can be anything from watermellon to some of the more exotic

nuts and pods.  Among these seeds they also employ a series of

natural stones, which make up drops for the necklaces, and some

wonderful bracelets.  The boys claim the stones have healing powers,

and they have provided me with the curative properties and folk-tales attached to these stones.  You can read about each with the bracelets and necklaces. 

The cords are waxed hemp.  The "closure" is usually a cord that pulls

through another cord, and is snug.  Sometimes the cords will pull

through a large seed. The newest pieces have a series of seeds and

the closure loops over them for different lengh adjustments.

Until you get used to this type of closure you may need

extra hands to help tighten or loosen  the closure. 

What you will get are LOADS of compliments.

Braided Head Scarf from
Pareos below.

One of a kind ethnic Mexican necklaces of seed and stone
One-of-a-kind Necklaces

One of a kind ethnic Mexican bracelets of seed and stone
One-of-a-kind Bracelets

Mexican bracelets made with a variety of stones that influence health.

      Health        Necklaces & Bracelets


Seed-Pod Key Chains

Seeded Belt

Mexican seeded head scarves
Head Wraps

Mexican seeded neck wraps with hand-dyed fabrics
Neck Wraps

Dyed beaded Mexican belts woven with seeds
Dyed Beaded
Dyed fabric belts with Manta.
Dyed Pareos


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