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Jewelry by Phyll Loeffler


I would like to introduce you to the great jewelry of

my friend Phyl.  After a long interesting career, she has

now taken her hobby to the next level, and launched the

career that will encompass her Act II.

The jewelry, like most of the things you find on this

website, is organic, and interesting.  I hope to get a picture

of her up as soon as I can nag Fred (her husband) to pull

out his camera :-) hint hint.

Shipping is a flat $4.95 through USPO Priority Mail, but

if it is included with other items, it will undoubtedly

travel free.

Natural Zebra Jasper

Jasper is found worldwide, but unlike most Jasper,

the Zebra is striped. The Jasper is separated by

nickle plate beads.

PL 101

Zebra Jasper

18 1/2" long

$ 27.50


Natural Apatite Chip

with Cloissone Turtle


This mineral is found in the teeth and bones of

all vertebrates.  It is said to enhance focus, intellect,

and unconditional love.

PL 102

Apatite Chip

18 1/2" long

$ 30.00

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