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My very first offering in this new section is going to be something I found on my last trip.  I was wandering through small house boutiques and found the most wonderful leather shop.  The place smelled incredible, like the best new car you ever purchased.

On one of the tables was a small leather duffle,

clearly for women, and I fell in love. 

Aside from the fact that it is SO soft, it is the perfect size for a weekend trip, or a carry-on bag.  I remembered all the times I had to check bags at the airport, terrified that if they went missing I would have nothing but my purse.  Or the times I couldn't use a roll-on because it was an express jet, so even my roll-on had to be checked.

There are items that just MUST be kept with us as we travel, in our care and easy to hand.

This is THE duffle.  AND it is gorgeous!

It is really high quality leather.

And SOFT (I think I already said that).


Close to the correct color for the beige.


The duffle is 17" long.  It is a 9" x 9" square diameter.

There are additional pockets on both ends, as well as

zippered pockets on both sides - PERFECT for cell

phones and Blackberrys, medicine, or some fix-up

make-up. The side pockets can easily hold

paperbacks too.

The bag empty weighs about 2 lbs.  The shoulder strap

puts the bag at hip level, or you can use

the hand-carrys and unclip the long strap

and stow it.


This great bag is available in 3 colors

Matte Carmel

Shiny Carmel



7200 A

Duffle Beige


7200 B

Duffle Matte Carmel

sold out


7200 C

Duffle Shiny Carmel


Shipping is a flat $13.65 in the Continental USA.

Bag is shipped in a MEdium Priority Mail Box.

Traditional Mexican Straw Shade Hat

This lightweight hat is perfect to keep the sun

out of your face while allowing air to circulate.

These are very common hats in Mexico.  The

tie under the chin keeps the hat on while you are

galloping around on your donkey.  The brim

is generous.

To measure take a cloth tape measure and measure the

circumference of you head where you would like the hat

to sit.  You should be either close to 22" or close to 23".



# 7095a


Straw Hat 22"       $12                  



# 7095b


Straw Hat 23"      $12                    


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