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Every now and then I run across a blouse that is not

what I consider top quality.    It may have a blood spot

from the hand work that will not wash out, or a tear in the fabric that I can repair, but is still "not perfect",

or a little line of ink.

Whatever the reason, I will not ship it as a top quality

garment.  That is why it appears here.

You will find tremendous savings if don't mind the


This section will always be in flux. Enjoy.

Shipping is FedEx ground actual.

Alaska & Hawaii go USPO Priority Mail.

All sales are final in this section.

Remember to "refresh" or "reload" this page.


butter soft, pure cotton





7090a   Style 7008a Camp Shirt Small 100% cotton

              Bust under 42"

              Length 28"

   $ 10


This blouse for the most part is fine. About 4 butons down it does have a red spot - looks like ink - that I could not wash out.

You may have more luck.


butter soft, pure cotton


7090b  Style 7070 

Yoke 18

Bust 38-44, Hips to 48"

Length 27"

                         $ 25


This blouse is perfect with the exception that the embroidery line at the neck is starting to unravel.  If you are good with a needle this is one HECK of a deal!!!

butter soft, pure cotton



7090c  Style 7065         SOLD

      Yoke 23"

      Bust 46" - 50"

      Hips to 60"

      Length 46"



   $ 35


This beautiful hand-embroidered dress is perfect with one exception.  The border around the neck has started to come undone.  If you are good with a needle and can fix this you are getting a GREAT deal on this all cotton dress.


butter soft, pure cotton



7090d  Style 7046 Classic Peasant

            yoke 18 "

            bust  44" - 50"

            hips to 60 " 

            length 30 "

   $ 20


This blouse is perfect, with the exception that during the construction of the blouse one of the women decided to piece together the lace on the sleeve rather than using a continuous piece.  Otherwise, the blouse is perfect.

butter soft, pure cotton



7090e  Totally Cotton - SOFT shirt.

            This is fairly straight from                 shoulder to hip.

            Bust under 40"

            Hips under 42"

            Sleeves 19"

            Length 27"


   $ 20


This shirt is in great shape, no bad places, but I had found some dirt on it and washed it, and it shrank (the label says Xlarge, which it no longer is).

Beyond that, it is a lovely shirt and perfect over jeans.






7090f  The Crete Blouse

    Bust under 38"

    Hips under 44"

    Length 26"


   $ 25    

This blouse is perfect, with the exception that there is the hint of a slight fade by the buttons.  I think when washed it will even out, but at this moment it is one heck of a good deal.





7090g  Poblano Blouse 7070

         Yoke 18"

          Bust  36" - 42"

          Hips  Under 48"

          Length  30"


  $  25  


This blouse is fine.  No bad sewing.  However, when they laid the pattern on it and stitched over it, some of the dark outline from the pattern remained behind.  This may or may not wash out.  No guarantees.  Hence - the price.

7090h  Sleeveless Cotton Pullover

      Bust  under 46"

      Hips under 52"

      Length 26"

                100% cotton

   $ 20


This is a very well-made blouse, but down the front there is a slight fade line.  I expect it will go away when the blouse is washed, but there are no guarantees.  It is not that easy to see by anyone who doesn't look at this stuff all the time.















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