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Shipping costs are actual!

As a FAIR TRADE company you know

that the women set their own prices, and we pay them what

they feel is fair, ALWAYS between $15 for a simple cotton

item to $25 for a dress.  

To refund shipping I could either raise the price of every garment

about $20 to cover all the return costs, or I could simply have

everyone pay their actual shipping.  As many of you never

return, or call to be sure the size is correct, I felt it was unfair

to penalize everyone for a small percentage of returns and


To be clear - your clothing REFUND will be for the garment(s)

only, so feel free to use an envelope and send them back

by Post Office Parcel Post - WITH a copy of the paperwork.

You can hit the shipping quote button with every item and

you will see the "actual" shipping cost to you for that item.

You can do this BEFORE

you purchase.  The FedEx sales receipt will be in your box.

In addition, when you buy multiple items, I will ALWAYS

combine them into 1 box and ship at the ACTUAL costs,

so the savings will be at least 1/2. The actual shipping receipt

will be in your box for multiples with the other paperwork.

Often an extra item ships at the same price as 2,

and 3 items adds only $1.

The shipping companies make their biggest bucks on

small light-weight packages, because of their minimum

cost per box.

For those who wonder why I don't use the Post Office -

first and foremost there is no way to track your

package unless I require a signature card, and then

it is the same price as FedEx (with my 20% discount

which is passed on to you). It also means someone has

to be home to sign, or YOU get a trip to the Post Office

to pick it up. It also means I have a 30 mile round-trip

every day, which is out of the question.

I thank you for understanding this.  I am open to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks so much,