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We are pleased to fully refund any item shipped back to us
in the condition it was shipped. Our facility is smoke-free.

The Huichol and all hand-embroidered items are so special

(and hard to get) that your consideration in trying on and returning

them is GREATLY appreciated.

We do not refund shipping either to you or as part of your return.

We do suggest that you simply put items in an envelope and return

through the UP Post Office first class, which is the cheapest,

and fine with us.

We ask that you return the item within 7 days from the day

you receive it.  A paper is enclosed with the garment that

gives you all the return information.  If you are leaving on

vacation or a trip and can't get to the Post Office please

give us a call or send an e-mail advising about the return

and when you expect to ship it.  e-mail to:


or call 503-482-0006


You can use the Post Office, UPS or FedEx to

return the garment. All are acceptable. The Post Office is

the cheapest. You do NOT have to return your garment in the

same box in which it was shipped.  A sturdy envelope will do.

You do NOT need an authorization number to return the

garment.  You DO NEED to send back a copy of the

paperwork you will get, which includes the price, items

purchased, and the ship date (plus your name and address).

You can also send along a note, or special request.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If I haven't answered

all your questions please feel free to e-mail.


As a separate note, again, return shipping is NOT prepaid.

Shipping costs are not refunded.

I have intentionally kept my prices reasonable to allow more folks to

be able to own these gorgeous items.  If I paid shipping

both ways I would have to increase the cost by at least $20,

taking it out of reach for some.  I also don't feel that EVERYONE should

pay for returns when so uch is not returned.  I am more than willing to have a conversation with you guys about this, but this seems fair to me.

We are a fair-trade company, and the women who make these garments get at least $15-$25 per garment.  They set their own prices.  When I include shipping from central Mexico, customs, and trucking here, you can see that our margins are honest, and fair.  We do not buy designer items for $1.39 that we sell for $79 on the backs of poor desperate women (I have been to China, and I know what things cost out of the factories there).

I just thought you would like to know :-)