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Authentic Mexican Hand-Embroidered

Cotton Manta Peasant Blouse

fully embroidered

These are the heavier cotton blouses you wore

in the 60's and 70's.


Limit is still 2 of any embroidered blouses per order,

and you have to wait 10 days between orders to ensure

that all the folks waiting get a chance to get one.

Although this feels like a lot of choices, remember there

are only around fifteen per size.



What is Manta?

Manta is natural 100% cotton grown and woven in Mexico. It is the

material that makes up the vast number of cotton peasant blouses and pants

you see throughout the country.  It comes in several thicknesses, from

that gauzy peasant blouse, to the heavier cottons used for shirts and

dresses.  We have both on this website.

This manta is medium weight, is natural in color (unbleached),

and after the first wash will be the softest blouse you have ever owned.

All sleeves are gathered.

I washed one of the blouses to see how it would hold up,

and it came out really soft (the starchiness was washed out),

and the embroidery threads were colorfast and did not run.

I used a warm/cold gentle cycle, and a low heat dryer.


First, your bra size is irrelevant.  This is actual measurement.

Put on your bra, and measure with a tape around your back

to the front edge of the cup.  That measurement should

fall somewhere within the bust measurement for each blouse.

It can be bigger, or smaller, depending on how  loose you

want the blouse to be.  The hip measurement cited is at the
widest dimension.


ALL clothing shipping is now through the USPO Priority Mail.

1 blouse is $8.05. I will aggregate in the cheapest box possible for multiples.

That will be with a Zone A box (by zip) or a Medium Priority Box ($ 15.05)


There are 6 pages of this style blouse.


Yoke side to side 18"

bust to 32"- 38 "

Hips to 42"

Length 30 "





Yoke side to side 19"

bust 38 " to 42 "

Hips to 44 "

Length 32 "






Yoke side to side 21 "

bust   42" to 46"

Hips to 48 "

Length 33 "





Yoke side to side 17 "

bust to 34" to 40"

Hips to 42"

Length 29 "

Scoop Neck




Yoke side to side 20

bust to 40 " to 44"

Hips to 50 "

Length 32 "



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