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Authentic Hand-Embroidered Mexican

Peasant Blouses

Bonnie and Sally take 2nd at golf tourney



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your pages in case you have older versions in cache (memory).

Yoke & Sleeve only

This is the heavier cotton you wore in the 60's and 70's.

This is natural cotton, and the women work on it in their

homes.  Sometimes you will find a spot of dirt or speck,

but it will wash out, AND the embroidery will get softer

and fluffier as the sizing is washed out.

This set of blouses is made of the same medium-weight

manta as the fully embroidered manta blouses on our site. 

The main diference is that the embroidery is only across the yoke,

with detail embroidery on the sleeves and a set of flowers on the back.

They also have the traditional gathered sleeves.

The sizes vary, so please read closely.


First, your bra size is irrelevant.  This is actual measurement.

Put on your bra, and measure with a tape around your back

to the front edge of the cup.  That measurement should

fall somewhere within the bust measurement for each blouse.

It can be bigger, or smaller, depending on how  loose you

want the blouse to be.  The hip measurement cited is at the
widest dimension.

I washed one of the blouses to see how it would hold up,

and it came out really soft (the starchiness was washed out),

and the embroidery threads were colorfast and did not run.

I used a warm/cold gentle cycle, and a low heat dryer.

Shipping will be cheapest.

I can get 1 item in a USPO envelope for $8.05 sometimes 2 if the items

are small.  I will check the "Zone" boxes as well at USPO if the items do not

fit in an envelope.  My point - don't get freaked out by the shipping. I am working

to adjust the hundreds of items here to the new pricing.


Each blouse has very pretty detail on the back as well.

The length is measured from the top of the shoulder.

Many of these blouses have highly starched yokes to

make the embroidering easier. I found one with a spot,

and washed it - and it was REALLY soft!

For these blouses to fit properly, your bust should be in the

middle to higher end of the "bust range".

# 7058a  

Yoke 16" across

Bust 34" to 38 "

Hips to 40"

Length 30"

$ 76 

# 7058b

Yoke 18" across

bust 38" to 42 "

Hips to 43"

Length 30 "

$ 76

# 7058c

Yoke is 20" across
Bust 42 " to 48"

Hips to 50"

Length 31"


$ 76  

# 7058ff

Yoke is 19 " across
Bust 40" to 44 "

Hips to 48 "

Length 31"

$ 76  

# 7058gg

Yoke is 19 " across
Bust 40 " to 44"

Hips to 50 "

Length 31"

$ 76  

# 7058hh

Yoke is 21" across
Bust 46 " to 52 "

Hips to 60"

Length 33"

$ 76  

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