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Authentic Embroidered Mexican Peasant Blouses
in White Cotton Sheeting for Plus girls.

Style 7092

This hand embroidered blouse is lightweight
for hot summer days. You will see both straight sleeve
and gathered sleeves. Each is one of a kind, so the
blouse you see is the one I will be shipping.

You can always tell real hand embroidered blouses,
rather than blouses done on an embroidery machine,
by the knots tied throughout the colors on the inside.

Click through on any photo below to go to that blouse
and the measurements.

All blouses are shipped via USPO Envelope for $6.45.
Combined items will either fit into the envelope, or
go into a Zone "A" Box (priced by zip code) or medium Priority Box for $13.45. We charge only what the P.O. charges.


7092a            $ 64
7092b            $ 64
7092c            $ 64
7092d            $ 64
7092e            $ 64
7092f            $ 64
7092g            $ 64
7092h            $ 64
7092i            $ 64
7092j            $ 64
7092k            $ 64
7092L            $ 64




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