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Natural Unbleached Cotton Tier Dress


This natural cotton dress is a soft flowing "A" style. It is

two layers, the second layer is a tier over the "A" that allows the

ruffles to flow loosly.  Under the ruffle there are pockets.

This is VERY typical of peasant dresses.

You cannot see through this dress, so a bra is adequate.


This dress is shown on a medium form.

This is a long dress, but it is quite easy to remove the bottom tier

if you would like something shorter.  I am 5"10" in my bare feet, and

this touches the floor on me.


Because this is an "A" style the hips are very forgiving.

In a lot of ways this dress defies my ability to measure it.

There is a small dart for the bust, but there is nothing like gathers

to give it fullness.

The large should work for any ACTUAL bust to 44". I wear a 44"

and anything bigger would not work.

The medium should work for any ACTUAL bust to 38"

There are no other relevant measurements.

We are going to learn about this dress together, and I want

feedback from you as to sizing.





Tier Dress Medium







Tier Dress Large



butter soft, pure cotton

Shipping is ACTUAL

Two items in a box usually ship for the cost of one. 

A third item is usually only $1 or so more.

The website has no way to automatically calculate combined "actual";

this is done at the time we ship.  FedEx receipt is in your box.




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