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Classic Mexican Poblano Manta Cotton Dresses


Everything is fully hand-embroidered.


A truly classic Poblano dress, made with soft Manta Cotton,

this dress is what we so often envision when we think of

this clothing.




This style is closer to the manta blouses that we sell,

so the hips are more generous, and there is a bit more

gathers above the bust.

Your ideal dress would put your bust 1/2 way in the bust range.

i.e.,  If bust is 44" - 50", the perfect size for this dress would be

a 47"-48" bust.


Shipping is ACTUAL

Combined items in a box greatly reduce shipping, usually

by half.  A third item is usually only $1 or so more.

The website has no way to automatically calculate combined "actual";

this is done at the time we ship.  FedEx receipt is in your box.


For PLUS click the photo below


The following 5 pages are sizes XS - XL.


Yoke 16"     Bust to 32"-38" Hips to 42"

Length  43"  

# 7066a  



Yoke  26 "    Bust to 34-38" Hips to 42 "

Length 40"




Yoke 22"    Bust to 48-52" Hips to 58"

Length  46"

# 7066c                                  




Yoke 21"      Bust to 44-50 " Hips to 54 "

Length 46"    

# 7066d     



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