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Classic Mexican Poblano Dress


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This dress is THE traditional embroidered Poblano dress.

The dress is a cotton-blend, even though the use label sewn into

the side-seam says 100% algondon (cotton), it is not. We had it tested.

This dress is light-weight but it is not see-through or see-into.

The white dresses, however, will require a nice slip.

The majority of the embroidery is done by machine from this group,

and is dense and really beautiful. We do occasisonally get dresses

that are entirel hand-embroidered, and when I find them I add

that information to the listing.

These dresses are a bit unforgiving, as the bust and hip opening

are close, so you will have to be sure your hips are a good fit too.


Your ideal dress would put your bust 1/2 way in the bust range.

i.e.,  If bust is 44" - 50", the perfect size for this dress would be

a 47"-48" bust.

For those of you who are VERY slender, with a 32" bust,

more or less, take a look at the girl's XL. They should

fit, and they are all hand-embroidered.


Shipping is ACTUAL

Combined items in a box greatly reduce shipping, usually

by half.  A third item is usually only $1 or so more.

The website has no way to automatically calculate combined "actual";

this is done at the time we ship.  FedEx receipt is in your box.





Yoke  17"   SOLD Bust to 36-40" Hips to 44"

# 7065a  HAND EMB

Length 42"



Yoke  17 "   SOLD Bust to 34-40" Hips to 42 "

# 7065b  

Length 42" MACH



Yoke  18" Bust to 36-42" Hips to 46"

# 7065c  

Length 48"



Yoke  19 "  Bust to 40-44" Hips to 48 "
entirely hand-embroidered

# 7065d

Length  47"

$ 79


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