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Natural Cotton by MaChuy


Embroidered Huichol Dresses for girls in

4 size-ranges



These beautiful dresses for girls are embroidered on either

the same cotton manta as the womens blouses, or they are

offered in the white sheeting.  Each dress description will

indicate which fabric was used.  Each dress

is one of a kind.

You will find detailed photos of each dress in one of the

four size categories below. Just click on the size that

is right for you. Mexican sizes are not the same as USA

sizes, so I have included all measurements with each dress.

Be sure to get out your tape measure, and measure the girl's

chest size.  Once you have the actual size look for a dress where

the ACTUAL size falls within the bust range.  The reference to

"yoke" is that straight line of embroidery that runs across the front of the dress from arm to arm.

Shipping is actual.  You pay me what I pay to FedEx.

There is a "shipping quote" button for every item.

Multiple items in a box greatly reduce the shipping cost.


Girls Small (click through)  sizes 1, 2, small 3

Girls Medium (click through)  sizes 3, 4, small 5

Girls Large (click through) sizes 5, 6, and 7

Girls XL (click through) sizes 8, 9, and 10




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