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Authentic Mexican Peasant Blouses


Rafael Pineda
Sculpture outside Museum of Art Guadalajara

Guadalajara is rich with small family factories where a variety of clothing styles are produced.  Among this wealth of clothing we found the hand-embroidered blouses made by the indigenous women of Mexico, clothing that simply makes you smile when you wear it.  The organic cotton is used in blouses, and pants, from causal to dressy, and it is cool, lightweight, and ansolutely machine washable.


These are clothes to make you comfortable, even at a long movie or dinner with the in-laws. What is even better? Just throw them in the wash and wear them again tomorrow.

Along the way we have discovered a fantastic natural jewelry artist, who also dyes fabric for head and neckware. We think you will love the style, and his



Finally, we are adding some S sizes to our M-XL clothing, just to fill many requests, as well as a section dedicated to our Plus girls.

Never expect a sale here unless we are closing out a look. We don’t mark up five times to give you a 50% off sale (example: cost $10x5=$50, 50% off sale, your final cost is $25). Our prices will always be low, and fair, and the quality will be superb. No games.

Please read the bust, hips, and length measurements before buying, to ensure the garment is right for you. While you can always hem, and the pants run long, the bust and hips must be comfortable. That is why we provide garment sizes on the clothing pages. Each blouse comes with

measurements,  which is especially important for the individual hand-embroidered items.

Remember that these garments are soft, buttery cotton and will soften more over time, which means that they will hang beautifully, even if the fabric diameters seem large. I wear a L, and can wear both the L and XL easily (and do – all summer long!). Mexican sizes, in general, run larger than ours.



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