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Just Fatwood


We are now in the neighborhood.  We have moved to

Sandy, 25 minutes east of Portland.  If you give us a call first

you are welcome to come and PICK-UP your fatwood rather than

having us ship.  This is the REAL fatwood - Longleaf Yellow Pine,

not pine stump masquerading as fatwood.


To - Canadian Customers only!

Nafta rules do not allow us to ship fatwood to Canada.

Try Canadian Tire.


Natural thin-cut charcoal starter click HERE

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or PR click HERE

Fatwood is nature's perfect kindling.  


Nothing is added. Fatwood comes from the stumps of Longleaf Yellow Pine, and is found in the core of the stump where the pitch (that golden goo you find on pine cones) moves into the tree to keep it healthy and bug free. Our fatwood comes from Honduras, from managed forests that are grown for lumber. When the remaining stumps are harvested, three trees are planted for each stump removed. Managed forests are planned out fifty or more years in growing cycles, with growth at all stages ongoing. As a renewable resource for kindling it is almost perfect. The Longleaf is not a "rain forest" tree, but all trees need to be cherished and sustained to ensure clean air and a viable eco-system.

Folks, FATWOOD is not a generic term like soda pop.  It is not stump wood from any pine tree. If it were, then the BIG 3 (Bean, Orvis and Plow) would be getting their product from a timber company in the USA much cheaper than their cost for Longleaf Yellow Pine, the tree that originally produced the turpentine for the USA (in much the same way that Maple trees are tapped for syrup).  So, buyer beware.  Resist all the feel-good stories and get the historical product you believe you are paying for, Longleaf Yellow Pine.

See below for the history of fatwood.  

"We ordered fat wood from you last year as a Christmas gift for friends, and would like to order it again this year.   I am wondering if we can place an order now for a December delivery.  I must tell you that we had previously ordered the wood from Plow & Hearth, but our friends said yours was far superior."

Jim and Jan S.

Dover Plains, NY

Thank you for the kind words, and YES, we are pleased to take dated

purchase orders.  We charge your card the day we ship.

"This is the second time I have ordered from you.  I am very happy with the fatwood and will be continuing to purchase from you. . . We use our fireplace almost daily as soon as one of us gets home from work and the fatwood has never failed to start a fire.  Even on some pretty wet wood".

Barry K.

Darien, WI.

"Just a quick thank-you for your rapid service as well as the quality of the product you provide.  My wife's comments should make you smile: "Honey, since you switched to Green Apple EVEN I can make a fire!!!!"  Now that's high praise from the woman I married 30 years ago who's NEVER been able to make a fire consistently.


Bristol Views Bed & Breakfast

Naples, NY (The Finger Lakes)

"Hi Susan.  It's that time of year again, had a little bit of your fatwood left over from last year.  As it has been for the last 3 years, it lit and started the fires well.  I burn around 12-15 face cords of wood a year, so that's a lot of fire starting".

Mike K.

Waterford, WI.

Thanks Mike. It is always good to know what you can do with one 50 lb box.

FLAT OUT, BY FAR The Best Fatwood on Planet Earth! We've tried them all...


Mark M.

Auburn, CA.

I LOVE it when we do it right!!!  - susan


Fatwood Holders with or without fatwood.

Your Choice.  5 Styles available.

         Sale on Flatbed Fatwood Holders

                (also GREAT for holding logs in smaller spaces).


Wrought Iron Tule Log Holder

Pre-holiday Sale on Log Holders

                                   Copper Fatwood Kettle      Brass Match Holder

                                          with fatwood



Just click on a picture below for information about that size.

Also, you will find the "shipping quote" button there, which will allow you

to look at actual shipping cost before you purchase.

12# Burlap Bag Fat Wood #2000
12 lb.Burlap Bag Fatwood #2000

10# Box Fat Wood #2005
10 lb.Box Fatwood


20# Box Fat Wood #2008
20 lb. Box Fatwood


12# Burlap Bag Fat Wood #2000

15 lb. Burlap Bag Fatwood


30# Box Fat Wood #2006
30 lb. Box Fatwood


40 lb. Box Fatwood


Fatwood Cull Boxes


$.80 / lb.

25 lb. Box Fatwood


50 lb. Box Fatwood




Shipping 101
. . . a tutorial

Smoke, Mirrors & The
Art of Misdirection

Click HERE.



Our "order confirmation" notice lets you know we have the order in hand, NOT that it has shipped that day. You get 2 separate e-mails after that, 1 from telling you the order has been charged to your card, and 1 from Fed.Ex with the tracking number, which also contains the ship date.

We ship same or next business day, weather permitting.

If there is anything about your order that you wish us to know, PLEASE put it under 'special instructions'.  You can write a novel if you wish.

My Best to all of you, and THANK YOU for finding us. And to all of our returning customers, consider this a BIG cyber-hug.


What is the history of fatwood?

Fatwood comes from the Longleaf Yellow Pine, trees originally prolific South from Virginia to East Texas, -into Mexico and south to Central America .   They tend to thrive in shallow, sandy soils. The wood is so spectacularly strong that it is, to this day, used to make some of the most beautiful wooden floors I have ever seen.   You can google the flooring if you want to see it.   Very pretty stuff.   Over the decades the trees were drained, like Maple trees, for their pitch, to make turpentine.   One of the most interesting things about Longleaf is that when it first begins to grow it looks like a bush, and will stay that way until the ground is burned and the grasses and other competing water users are gone.   Then the new bulb can begin its growth into a tall,   very beautiful and elegant tree.   Since it is no longer possible to set grasslands on fire in the USA to create a forest (called a savannah), the Longleaf has lost much ground to its softwood cousins the Loblolly and Slash. Longleaf doesn't grow in other parts of the country,  except when brought in for landscaping. This might also answer the question about why, from time to time, you will get a piece of fatwood that has burn spots. It was probably in the field, before the stump was pulled, when the grass was set on fire.

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