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Fatwood is nature’s perfect kindling.  

Nothing is added. Fatwood comes from the stumps of Longleaf Yellow Pine, and is found in the core of the stump where the pitch (that golden goo you find on pine cones) moves into the tree to keep it healthy and bug free. Our fatwood comes from Honduras, from managed forests that are grown for lumber. When the remaining stumps are harvested, three trees are planted for each stump removed. Managed forests are planned out fifty or more years in growing cycles, with growth at all stages ongoing. As a renewable resource for kindling it is almost perfect. The Longleaf is not a “rain forest” tree, but all trees need to be cherished and sustained to ensure clean air and a viable eco-system.

You will find fatwood in many of our basket presentations, along with Fire Drops™, Kindle Cups™, Flamedance™ Color Cones (for great colored flames in the fire) Kindle Cones, and waxed Starter Cones. Among the starters are natural cones, and everything smells like cinnamon. as we use essential cinnamon oil on the cones and in the wax.

That’s Right! We are the factory. We take the raw materials and wax them, scent them, and create the basket. We also make our own crates, although we leave basket-weaving to defter hands. So, if you want something really special, bigger, or in certain colors (from those pictured above), just e-mail or call. If you can imagine it, with our components, we can build it for you. We will also add a gift card if you request it, and send it directly to the recipient for you. No extra handling charge.

We hope you find something here that will tickle your fancy. You will find many items in this section that ship free. With the smaller “hostess gift” items, if your order totals over $40 we will ship it to you free. In the “hostess gift” section we cannot ship directly to a list of recipients – only one address.

Please e-mail if you have any questions.

We will respond quickly.

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