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Pair of Happy Pigs


These two characters are in the backyard having fun hanging out and annoying the birds.

They just chased off a bunch of Dove, teased a squirrel, and asked the deer not to eat ALL the corn. They are clearly having WAY too much fun.


Our pigs are a wonderful example of Mexican clay pottery fired over wood to create that special array of colors from pinkish to orange that occurs when wood burns on the clay. It is also expected that occasionally you will get an ash mark or two, which just adds more character.  The pig planters always come with drain holes to keep the plant roots healthy.


Large Pig          18" snout to tail, 9" wide, and 11" tall.     18 lbs.

                                                                                          ship weight 21 lbs.

Small Pig           14" snout to tail, 7" wide, and   8" tall.      13 lbs.

                                                                                           ship weight 16 lbs.                                

The pigs will ship separately for damage control.

Shipping is actual.  You pay me what I pay to FedEx with

my 30% discount.


If you want THE SET be sure to put that in the comments box during checkout.  The set sells for $30, with the actual shipping, which you can see below per pig. I will adjust the price to reflect "the pair" when I run the order.  It will not show up on your order confirmation.

# 3226 a

Larger of Set of 2 Pigs

           SOLD OUT


# 3226 b Smaller of Set of 2 Pigs $15



When we find a pig with a broken toe or broken ear (which we can glue) we will put him here at a GREAT price.  If you can adopt one of these fellas (put him in the grass) it would make us happy to send him off to a good home. If you can click through we have some available.

# 3226 c

Larger of Set of 2 Pigs



# 3226 d Smaller of Set of 2 Pigs $8

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