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Hand-Painted Gourd Bird Feeders

I had the pleasure of driving down a County Road near

New Braunfels, TX. recently (summer 2009) and on the side of the road found a

wonderful display of gourds, feeders and birdhouses, done by

a couple, Mark & Carol Graff.  Carol does these gourd feeders

and houses.

Just imagine one of these beautiful feeders outside the kitchen

window each morning.

This is what Carol tells us about herself and her craft:

"I live in the foothills of New Braunfels, TX. I have been creating and painting since I was

12 years old. My element is design and color. I won many awards in High School

for design. I won best of "Design Artist of California" when I was a senior. In college I studids art and design, creating posters and drum set covers for local bands to help

pay for college. My husband Mark and I developed "Peace Within Works" in 1987, and we have been on the Texas Art's and Crafts Circuit since then.

I love painting these beautiful hardwood gourds. 

Each is a challenge to see what they will become.

Preparation takes about two weeks to complete, from the time they arrive fresh from the field to the finished product.  The gourds go through 3 separate cleanings, AFTER soaking them for 2-3 days, and carving out the holes for the bird houses and feeders. I cannot begin a base paint or stain until then.

Below is a red apple gourd. They first have to be painted green before I paint 3-4 tints of red, highlighting the blush.  Then the branches and leaves are next, then the flowers.

Each step takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours of drying before I can do the next step.

I seal each gourd with an environmentally safe sealer, letting them dry for 24 hours.

The final step is pen and ink, to finish and enhance the design.

I am frequently asked how long the gourds will last.  Gourds historically are used as drinking vessels in Mexico, and will probably last the lifetime of the owner"

You can see Mark's cedar VERY ELEGANT bird houses at:

Below are 5 feeders Carol made for me.  They vary in size between 6-8 inches.

Shipping is actual.

Folks - these are one of a kind - NO production.  If you like

it, buy it. You are getting what you see.

# 6010

Hand-Painted Gourd Feeder

by Carol Graff

$ 39

# 6011

Hand-Painted Gourd Feeder

by Carol Graff

$ 39

# 6012

Hand-Painted Gourd Feeder

by Carol Graff

$ 39


# 6013

Hand-Painted Gourd Feeder

by Carol Graff

$ 39

# 6014

Hand-Painted Gourd Feeder

by Carol Graff

$ 39

Shipping is actual  You pay what I pay to FedEx.

Get a quote first before you buy.

These are very lighweight.












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