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Manatee Clay Pottery PlanterI remember walking into the “showing space” where Carlos had his pieces, scattered around on the floor and on shelves in a room up narrow brick stairs above and to the side of the kiln. The pieces were graceful, and smooth, not overdone by detail. They emitted a sense of tranquility and place. I told Carlos they looked Pre-Colombian, and he grinned.


So that is what I named the collection, which grows little by little each year. He always adds a piece or two, and we always add it to our collection.

Below are twenty-one pieces, forming the collection over the past five years. They are made with local clay and fired over wood in brick kilns. They can live outside, or inside filled with house plants. As they are made from an earthenware clay, they should be brought in during the winter where hard freezing is possible.



Hi folks.  With the new volume (cube) pricing by FedEx, the shipping costs have skyrocketed.  To counter this I have begun to cut down and adjust my shiipping boxes to accommodate the weight+distance+cube format adopted by FedEx and UPS in January (can you say GREED - this is the pricing they used to use for all air shipments). I will do my best to reduce your box as much as possible to save you on shiping.  In the past I over-shipped for safety. Please don't ask "how much savings", as I won't know until I pack a box, which requires an order. You already know the high end.
Send your "unhappy" letters to CEO Fred Smith at FedEx.
This will raise the costs of EVERYTHING across America.

The World of Critter Planters

(and a vessel or two)


Tall Cat Planter #3212
Tall Cat Planter


The Roosters

# 3240

Family of Rabbits Planters #3214
Family of Rabbits Planters


Frog Planter #3217
Frog Planter


Mystic Toad Planter


Elephant Planter #3215
Elephant Planter


Manatee Planter #3210
Manatee Planter


Duckie Planter #3218
Duckie Planters


Duck Planter #3211
Duck Planter


Turtle Planter #3219
Tortoise Planter


Family of Sea Horses


Fish Planter #3221
Fish Planter


Circle of Women


Frog, Iguana or Turtle



Sea Turtle


Set of Koi Fish Planters


Classic Mexican Sun


Pair Sitting Cat Planters # 3213

Pair Sitting Cat Planters

# 3213



Pear Planter #3230

Pear Planter


Pumpkin Planter #3233

Pumpkin Planter



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