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Set of 3  Rooster Planters



Now THESE guys are a stately and elegant crowd.  This is a set of three, but they can be purchased as individuals.  The opening for the large rooster is about 4" x 4", the other two are smaller.  You should expext to start your flowers from a 6-pack for the smaller roosters, but the bodies are large and will allow good root expansion.  They are heavy, so will not be tippy.

Individual dimensions are:

Dad       15" long x 8.5" wide x 17" tall   12 lbs.    ships alone

Mon       13" long x 7.5" wide x 15" tall    9 lbs.     ships alone

Baby      11" long x 7"    wide x 13" tall    8 lbs.     ships alone

If you wish to buy the entire set, I will sell it to you for $42.00 + the actual

shipping, and I will try to combine the Mom and Baby into one box for shipping


If you wish to buy the set, during checkout in the "Comments" box just put

"I wish to buy the Set". You can also use that box for any other instructions.

I always include the shipping receipt from FedEx so that you will see that you paid me what I pay to FedEx, which includes my 20% discount which I pass on.

# 3240a
  Dad Rooster
$ 19.00
15 lbs
# 3240b    Mom Rooster
$ 17.00
12 lbs
# 3240c
  Baby Rooster
$ 15.00
11 lbs

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