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Picture of Bart and Mari, his wife

Bart & Mari

Ceramics by Bart

Picture of Phyllis tromping on the wet clay getting it ready for throwing.

The day we went to Bart's new factory we had a treat.  Perched on top of this remote hillside was a series of buildings for everything from clay pottery mixing to kick-wheel areas. A batch of clay was on the floor, mixed in much the same way grapes used to be crushed. The clay and liga are thrown on the concrete, and buckets of water are applied until the consistency is just right.  Then the clay is taken to one of the wheels where it is thrown into pots and vessels.

The fellow who was tromping on the clay when we came in reported that the clay had healing and beauty elements.  He reported he had not even had the sniffles in 8 years (he also had great legs!).  So my friend Phyllis threw off her shoes and joined him.  We were each given a bag of this clay to use on our faces, necks, and any other needy body parts when we got home. We may have to look into this.

Throwing pots like this takes great strength and the ability to hold a wall for some time.  This is especially true of the bigger pots thrown by Bart's artists.

Below you will see pots of varying sizes and shapes drying.  They cannot be put into the wood fire until they have reached a certain dryness.

On the right below is Mari & Bart's son.  He was a wonderful enthusiastic helper. In Mexico they talk of children being born into the business.  How delightful!

Picture of a large pot being thrown
Picture of a lot of pots drying Picture of Bart & Mari's son


The Mushrooms

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