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Kuiny (pronounced Queenie)

The man who runs Art de Barro

Mexican Clay Pottery Turtle Vessel by Art de Barro. It felt as though we were on an a camping trip, driving up the rutted trail toward the side of the mountain, next to the clay quarry where the factory sat. It was perched there, surrounded by smaller structures, with wide doors open to the road. Inside were pots and vessels in all directions. For being so thoroughly hidden, and virtually impossible to find by accident, it was a very busy place. We were very glad to have been invited there, because we found the first of what we hope will be a growing collection of major planters and vessels that have a thoroughly architectural reference, large enough to be substantial pieces without overtaking the sun room or yard.

Painting clay pottery is an art form

The range of pieces we saw thematically covered everything from High Grecian to Puerta Vallarta Villa. We, of course, loved the animals, and worked on natural colors and sensuous shapes for this collection. We also made sure to have a few very traditional Mexican pieces.

If you have any question about specific pieces please e-mail


The World of Heavy Clay Barro


Mexican Clay PotteryGiraffe Vases (set of 2) by Art de Barro
Giraffe Vases (set of 2)

Upright Fish

Mexican Clay Pottery Footed Elephant Planter by Art de Barro.

Elephant Planter

Mexican Clay Pottery Turtle Vessel by Art de Barro
Sea Turtle Vessel

Dancers Planter


Mexican CLay Pottery Large Elephant Vase by Art de Barro.
Elephant Vase

Iguana Vessel


Pair of Fish

# 3257

Boot Planter


Large Fish Planter


Sun Pot


Mayan Pot


Ring Pot



Leaf Planters


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