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Garden and Pond

It’s a zoo in here!

Every time you work in the garden, you get a dancing lesson with the universe. Sometimes it is a cha cha, sometimes a waltz. Occasionally it is a two-step (think mowing) or a tango (pulling the weeds out of the gladiola beds as they watch you, eyeball to petal, swaying sensuously). By late afternoon, lemonade in hand, swinging in the hammock or stretched in the adirondack chair, the universe pats you on the head and lets you nap.

Never, however, NEVER are you alone. Between Ma Nature’s birds and butterflies, beetles, earthworms, dragonflies, cicadas, and bees hustling for pollen, you have a lot of company. Notice I didn’t even mention your dogs, cats, pot belly pigs, llamas, horses, occasional chickens, and the cockatoo on the railing cheering you on.

You are in the garden because you like crowds, albeit VERY quiet ones, and we are in the garden accessory business because we like those kinds of crowds too. So be prepared to find all kinds of animals here, from the elegant to the silly, from the imposing to the diminutive, because . . . it really is a zoo in here!

Be sure to visit the Folk Artists too, as you will find some of the silliest dogs, cats and cows on the planet available there.  Plus - you get to meet the artists.

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