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Serapio Medrano is obviously a man in love with the bits and pieces that create the fabric of life in Mexico, from religion and family life to the birds and beasts in the courtyard. He is, like his father, emphatically unpretentious, slight, and bearing a twinkle in his eye and an easy laugh.

His father, Candalerio Medrano, after a long career making clay sewer pipe, began turning this clay into figures and remarkable scenes. Almost overnight, after years of quietly creating, his work caught fire and was admired and collected widely, finding a place at New York’s MOMA. For a broader background go to El antiQuario online, a collector’s guide of Mexican Arts and Antiques. Look for an article on Candalerio by Allyn Hunt. It is wonderful.

Serapio has followed in his father’s steps, adding new themes and animals to the mix, as well as Arcs, Bull Rings, Kiosk’s (bandstands), wizards, and some incredible people. The colors are electric, whimsical, and would be jarring except for the enormous energy they project. Each one is unique, and while there is a “theme”, it is often engulfed is some turn of mind that adds character in a whole new way. The pieces are built by hand, and signed. They are not multiples. Once a piece is sold here, it will be gone, to be replaced by another original work.

A plaque he proudly displays honoring his work.

Rafael Pineda
Serapio showing the back of a book devoted to folk artists, and his work.
Rafael Pineda at work
Two pieces inside that were created by Serapio.
Serapio is holding an elegant hardbound work on folk artists in Mexico. He is pictured on the upper right.
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