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Rafael Pineda is a sculptor whose energetic sense of whimsy and engaging sense of character permeate his work. His subjects are as open-ended as his curiosity, and his ability to capture a client’s description is awesome. The giraffes, named Bobby and Meryl, are over 3 feet tall, and gaze longingly at each other when sitting side by side. The dogs are all collaborations between our storyline and his ability to visualize those dogs. Erma the cat definitely has had enough of “whatever”, and Moodonna is ready to rock and roll. These are the first in what we hope will be an incredible collection of new friends in your life.

These handmade animals are formed from a ceramic clay pottery liga that is native to the Guadalajara area.  They are wood-fired.


The New Kittens

The New Pup

Rafael Pineda at work


Rafael Pineda


The Aztec god Quetzalcoatl

bringing life to Earth

through the mouth of the coyote.








The Pineda Animals

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Harold


Meet Harold #5002
Meet Howard

# 5001

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Duke


Meet Harold #5002
Meet Louie

# 5004

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Dexter

# 5005

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Dolly

# 5012

Meet Rosie #5011
Meet Rosie

# 5011

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Frankie

# 5006

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Stella

# 5010

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Douglas

# 5007

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Meryl & Bobby

# 5040

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Erma

# 5031

Meet Sassy

# 5032

Meet Harold #5002
Meet Moodonna

# 5030

Meet Clive

# 5033

Meet Bob


Meet Sebastian


Meet Coyote


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