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Meet Meryl & Bobby


Meryl & Bobby are world travelers, who have been out of Africa for many years now. They are arborists by profession, traveling the world categorizing tall ancient deciduous trees, while working on their favorite hobby, shaping bonsais. In their spare time they have learned to rollerblade, and are unquestionably the most elegant and graceful couple on the boardwalk. They go back to Africa once a year to visit, and invariably go for a mad gallop across the plains.

These wood-fired clay pottery giraffes are, respectively, 35" and 34" tall, 18" and 17" front to back, and 12" and 11" wide. They are made to live inside, or outside under a covered porch. They should be brought inside for the winter. Bobby weighs approximately 25 lbs., and Meryl weighs approximately 20 lbs. unpacked. These items cannot be shipped easily. They must either be packed by a company specializing in art sculpture, which involves a crate, or must be delivered by hand. Either case involves discussion and quotes. We bring these back as “passengers" in an SUV.

Recently, due to their size, I asked Rafael to create this pair in a size that is smaller and easier to ship.  They are 18" tall, 12" front to back, and 7" wide at the hips. All of the information above applies equally to this pair.  They are simply smaller.

#5040 Bobby & Meryl - Large
#5040A Bobby & Meryl -Small $145 each  
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