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Hi Folks. Well, FedEx is ONCE AGAIN not returning shipping quotes. We migrated to a new server with a new IP, and FED EX cannot seem to find time to take 10 seconds to type in the new number. SO - I know my old hands know the shipping and know it will always be cheapest and exact (I make no money shipping), but you new folks may want to call me at (503) 482-0006 if you want a quote which I can get inside the FedEx website. SORRY. Hopefully, someone will get off their arse and type in around 10 digits to fix this (just that easy) .
~ susan

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Meet Douglas

Douglas is Frankie's running buddy, and an architect. He has designed award-winning dog mansions all over the world, but he is very shy. He blushes a lot, and so he has an assistant, a Great Dane named Agamemnon, make all of the presentations.

He is also secretly in love with Stella.

This wood-fired clay pottery dog is approximately 16" nose to tail, 10" widel, and 11" tall. He is made to live inside, or outside under a covered porch. He should be brought inside for the winter. He weighs about 12 lbs. unpacked. He is shipped in an oversize double-wall box that is 18"x18"x18". As this is an over-size shipping box for UPS, it ships at 30 lbs.

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