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Tonala Black Clay Pottery

pots - vases - vessels

Sept. 10th  A new selection of vessels
is now up in time for Fall weddings and
the holidays.


Below you will find some of the most elegant shapes and designs

I have ever found in Mexico.  These black clay vases, pots and vessels

are one-of-a-kind, and the designs are made according to the

mood of Rigoberto, the family Patron. 

I will put pieces up as I receive them, and swap out sold pieces

for new ones as they arrive.  There is no structure here,

so if you see something you must have you need to buy it.

Rigoberto does not like production work.

These pieces are NOT designed to hold water.

Shipping is actual.

You pay me what I pay to FedEx. I will weigh every box, and

you will get a FedEx receipt in your box showing the amount.

If I can put together more than 1 item in a box you will

save on shipping - any item from any part of the website.




diameter      9 "

height          8"

opening       3.50 "







diameter     9 "

height       12 "

opening      2 "


$ 42  





diameter     6"

height         8"

opening      2.75"





diameter      7 "

height          6.5 "

opening       3"





diameter          8"

height            10"

opening           3.50" "






diameter       7 "

height           3"

opening        2 "






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