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garden planters


"Greetings from Redwood City!  Just wanted you to know that my husband opened up his piggy last night and it was perfect.  Your wrapping was awesome - no problems.  And he loved it!  Thank youonce again for all the care you tokk over this.  You really went above and beyond.  I have Great Green Apple bookmarked as a new favorite now."

         Liz S.

"The ceramics arrived safe and sound.  Just wanted to thank you for passing on the shipping savings ... greatly appreciated! (we did a combined shipping for him -sh). Bought these for my wife of 36 years and it looks like the ceramics are a big hit . . . she may even keep me around a little longer."

         Brian O.

(FedEx broke their first alligator -sh).

"The second alligator arrived Friday evening on the FedEx truck.  I had to wait until this morning (Sunday) to get my husband to help me unwrap it since it had extra packaging around it.

Let me say. "You are the best! This alligator made it just fine.  Thank you so much for taking the time to package it so that the nitwits couldn't break it this time.  I really do appreciate the extra effort.  And, my husband loves it!  He's already placed him on the front porch so all our friends and family will see him first thing when they arrive.

Thanks so much for making a bad experience a great experience."


(another broken item)

"Thanks so much Susan!!! I will keep these guys (broken items) handy if FedEx wants them as "evidence". haha.  I appreciate your amazing service.  These are adorable and today is a sunny day and I am think that the elephant MAY go out front :-) (even though I am liking him in my office too!!) Thanks again"


"Hello, just a quick note to say my rabbit family and mystic toad planters arrived today.  They are even more beautiful than their photos! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your outstanding service and comminication . . . I will definitely be back as a customer to greatgreenapple.  Many Thanks"

         Deb C.

"My planter arrived Saturday. It is perfect"

         Lee F.

(she did not receive an order confirmation)

"I appreciate your prompt response to my concerns and look forward to receiving your products . . . .your website is lovely!".   





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