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Hi Folks.  I always keep a copy of these great comments on file, as I am a true

               fan of transparency (just in case a competitor ever gets too snarky :-)  ).


"Again, I'm amazed at the serice from you.  I made my order about 10:00 am Friday and the package arrived at my gate about 10:00 am Saturday morning.  Thanks for your Great Service again this year". 

         Loy O.

         Liberty Hill, TX.

"This is the second time I have ordered from you.  I am very happy with the fatwood and will continue purchasing from you. . . We use our fireplace almost daily . . . and the fatwood has never failed to start a fire.  Even on some pretty wet wood."

          Barry K.

          Darien, WI.

"A short note to let you know that the order of cull fatwood arrived today and I was really surprised at the quality of the cut.  I was expecting a much "scrappier" product, but your "cull" looks pretty close in size and shape to the fatwood that I inherited from a friend. And it burns wonderfully.  Anyway, just thought I'd share this with you.  Thanks again for the cull and for your personal service; it will remain a fond thought until my next order."

          Myra B.

          Washington DC

"We are very happy with our recent purchase of fatwood from your company.  We are also pleased with the professionalism in shipping and handling of the product.  Please keep us on your address list."

          Susan K.

"Our fatwood order has arrived and we are so impressed with your efficiency and service! We wanted to tell you this as so many vendors lack what you definitely excel at!!

         Connie S.

         Douglass, KS.

"Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question".

(We sent a sample).

"p.s. I so appreciate the overall good feeling I get from you and your Great Green Apple business site".

         Harold H.

"FedEx delivered my 50 lb. box of Fatwood this a.m.  I have bought Fatwood from Plow & Hearth in the past and also my local Home Depot had sold small packs of them.  I just started a fire with your Fatwood and man does that stuff really help start a fire.  I believe that it is far superior to the other's that I have bought in the past.  You can see the resins on your fatwood, something I have never seen before.  I will for sure be buying from you again.  Thanks for your quick replys to my e-mails when i first ordered".

         Mike K.

         Waterford, MI.

"The fatwood arrived today and I've just started the most wonderful fire with it.  What a joy and I'm so glad to have discovered this.  Thanks so much and I'm sure I'll be ordering again soon."

         Pamm B.

         Gig Harbor, WA.

"We ordered fatwood from you last year as a Christmas gift for friends, and would like to order it again this year. . . I must tell you that we had previously ordered the wood from Plow & Hearth, but our friends said yours was far superior."

         J&J  S.

         Dover Plains, NY

"It is finally our slow season (fireplace store) and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we were with our order.  The product is beyond expectations, the packaging was top-notch, communication and customer service was performed with old-fashion warmth and care, the timing of the shipping was superb and the price and subsequent adjustment was excellent and wonderfully surprising.  We will be purchasing from you again as we move into the heating season."

         Colleen R.

         Philipsburg, PA.

I sent her a follow-up note - sh

"This note from you is the exact reason I ordered from you rather than, say, from L.L. Bean, whom I also trust and who offers comparable choice. (Remember, I found you just by googling "fatwood" - yours was about the 3rd hit).  I figured that L.L. Bean, while trustworthy, has all the business they need, and I will always support the individual merchant as long as I get what I want, at a competitive price, but most of all, with personal service.  All of the later, of course, you provided. So, thanks again.  Now - if only you delivered firewood  ;-)"

         Linda B.

         St. Lousie, MO.

"Just wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks for the wonderful fatwood you shipped so promptly to my father-in-law in Baltimore.  At 89 years old, he's not able to do much these days, but building fires "properly" continues to be his passion.  He loves the wood!  And the whole process of the purchase and it's coming all the way from Texas made a great story, too.  Thanks for your help and a great product.


         Madison, NJ

"How wonderful it is to do business with someone as sweet as you.  Thank you so much for both your assistance and your kind words.  I look forward to ordering more products from you in the future.  Until then, please accept my thanks and very best wishes.


         Duxbury, MA.

"Thanks again for the annual delivery of fatwood.  This years bunch looks great!  I just wanted to let you know that I sent your website's ordering information to a friend who's looking for some fatwood . . . I hope it pans out, you deserve it.  Thanks again, and I really appreciate the great customer service!  I run a business as well, and it's all too often that we hear only from the customers who are less than pleased, so I thought I'd share with you that I passed your information on to a friend because of your great service.  Thanks again."



"Hi.  Beyond the feedback I just left (eBay customer), I just wanted to tell you the fatwood was top quality and that nice 30 lb. box made my dear old Dad very happy."

         Becky G.

"THANK YOU . . . the Fatwood worked great last year for my woodstove . . . Much easier than crumpled newspaper.  Can start fire with just two fatwoods and the small split logs".

         Robert O.

         South China, ME.

"We have ordered FATWOOD from you on a few occasions.  We know how valuable it is as kindling.  It has always been relaible and a pleasure touse.  Our fireplace is in regular use during the winter months.  Sometimes it is difficult to start a fire with dead coals and FATWOOD is the ket to making this possible. Honestly, we couldn't do without it. HAPPY NEW YEAR (2007-8).

       John P.

       North Wales, PA.

"Thank you for your prompt attention and speedy delivery of my order.  Wish all businesses operated like your company.  Happy Holidays".

       Richard T.

(we charged, then voided a transaction and charged a lower shipping amount.  She got two e-mails, and thought she had been billed twice).

"Thank you so much for handling it so quickly. I know this is the busiest time of year for you!  I appreciate your communication and will bookmark you to do business with in the future.  Seems like customer service is becoming a thing of the past.  It's nice to know that's not true for all businesses!  Thanks again and have a great holiday.


Just received the fatwood.  Super fast shipping, thanks so much.  And WOW, the nice smell of pine upon opening the package . . .how nice. I certainly will do business with you again, and will refer friends and family to you.

Wanted to tell you that I got the package and to thank you for such a great transaction.  Frequently these days, service is secondary to volume order processing.  You have really stood out and are someone I both want to do business with again as well as recommend to my friends.  Again, thanks for doing such a great job.  It is really appreciated.

       Houston I

       Chatham, NJ

Thanks Susan for the superior customer service & product. Very rare in this day and age.  Thanks again!!!!

        Bruce C.

        Upland, NE








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