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clothing & jewelry


"I just had to e-mail to tell you that my beautiful blouse arrived today!  Thank you so much!  I was as excited about how it was packaged as I was about the blouse. The lace is just exquisit."

         Sue P.

"I have received so many compliments on my beautiful blouse.  I have had the pleasure of referring them to your website.  Just wanted to let you know."

         Regina D.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great overall experience.  The blouse is perfect and it arrived the day after I ordered it.  The price was great and the top was just as shown in the photo.  Thanks!"

         Elisa F.

"I just received my first item from you.  My order was easy to track, I had no problem with my item and I really got the sense that you do care about my business.  I am definitely ordering from you again. Please include me on your mailing list."

         Alyson C.


"Just to let you know that my clothes arrived here safely in la belle France, without hitch.  I am so very pleased with them, I cannot thank you enough. . . I was really impressed with the quality of the garments, the lovely loose fit and not least of all the speed of the delivery;  would you believe your goods arrived before those I had ordered from the UK at the same time!  I couldn't go (on vacation) without saying thanks, I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

        Veronica N


"My blouse arrived and it is beautiful!  It fits perfectly too.  Thank you so much for setting one aside for me, your customer service has been impeccable.  I can't wait to wear it."


"I absolutely LOVE my new huichol blouse!!!! I am a collectore of ethnic clothes and have 2 Mexican dresses from 1982.  I never thought I would find that quality again. Thanks for working with such talented people!!"


"I ordered the classic Beach Shirt last week and in just a few days it was delivered to my doorstep!  I am VERY pleased with the shirt, so today I ordered the Off-Set Yoke shirt!  Just want you to know I am so happy with your shirts and also the FAST delivery!  Thanks so much!  You'll be hearing from me again!"


"Thanks so much Susan.  I can't wait! You really do a wonderful job not only with your website and sales, but your customer service is outstanding.  I feel like I am your only customer.  You have been able to answer my questions so quickly and personally.  As much as I would love to keep you as "my little secret", I can't help but recommend you to others. You're awesome".  (this e-mail promted a blush and Oh shucks from me - sh).

          Kato K.


"The blouses arrived today.  Thank you so much.  They are absolutely beautiful (Huichol) and I am delighted with them.  I have looked all over the UK to be able to get this style of blouse . . . but no one seems to make them here.  Thank you once again . . . they areally are so beautiful.

         Sue H

         Leeds, Yorkshire

"I received my order a couple days ago and wanted to comment on my surprise at the quality of the workmanship.  I will be ordering other items in the future and recommending you to others.  Thank you."

         Diane M.


"Just a quick email to let you know that the two Mexican blouses arrived safely in the post before christmas, and they are truely lovely! So colorful and comfortable - they remind me of my favorite clothes from university (college) days, in the mid-seventies.

Thank you so much for providing such a great product, and for the care you have taken with my order.  May I wish you all at Great Green Apple a bright and happy New Year, and may your business prosper - you deserve to do well!."

       Jennie P.   - Australia

"I arrived home on Thursday hot and tired from a 2 day conference of too much sitting.  I opened the Green Apple package and immediatley put on my new clothes.  I am so pleased; my body felt better immediately the wonderful cotton touched mu skin.  I am very please with my shirt and pants and look forward to more clothes from Green Apple.

       Batbara J

       Maplewood, NJ

"I just received the shirt I ordered.  Thank you for your prompt, efficient and honest service.  I will be telling everyone about you".

        Barbara T

This note gave me a huge smile -sh

"A while back I came upon your site while surfing the web.  I wrote to you, as a retired Spanish teacher who misses shopping in Mexico, and you sent a lovely note back. Well, I finally found something that I liked that would fit me . . . FedEx brought my 7050b Flirty Peasnt Pink & Lavender on white this morning, and I ripped off my nightgown to try it on (it looked a little better later on when I put on underwear!)  It fits the way I like it, and it is gorgeous.  I don't remember seeing anything that pretty in Mexico.  I certainly hope the makers of these items are being properly rewarded. I'm a folk musician; i play the hammered dulcimer . . . I like to wear ethnic clothing for performances . . .  THanks for the lovely product and great service.  (note - all the girls are getting between $10-$15 each for every blouse they make, US currency.  We have a real impact on their lives).

         Peggy D.

"I received my huichol blouse yesterday and I love it!  It is my first huichol blouse, in fact, it's the first time I've seen one up close.  The craftsmanship is just amazing, it's now the most beautiful thing in my closet! (Well, it hasn't made it to the closet yet, and won't be spending much time in there!)  The women who made these are so talented.  I can't wait until April when more come in.  Thank you so much for all of your assistance with my purchase, I know I'll be having to tell everyone where I got it when I wear it out!

        Samantha S.

        St. Robert, MO.

"Hi Susan.  Thanks for the 2 beautiful Huichol blouses I received today.  They fit perfectly and came nicely packaged with helpful care instructions, etc.  I especially love the extraordinary embroidery and wonderful color designs.  I hope to order many more but was just wondering if any of these particular Huichol blouses come in pure white cotton?  Many thanks for your quick response to my order and the easy ordering process with clear size measurements.  (note:  the manta comes only in natural unbleached cotton. The sheeting on 7049 is white).

        Frances S

        Oakland, CA.

"I just want to compliment you on your incredibly fast service!  It was such a surprise to see my blouse arrive by noon today.  Very, Very good service. .. I am impressed with your company.  Keep up the good work.  I will tell everyone about you.

         Debi D

         Katy, TX   (Texas items arrive in one day).


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