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"The fox knows many things.

The hedgehog knows one big thing."



Welcome to Churchill’s Corner

and The Old Broad Speaks (below)

This little corner of the universe is inhabited by a fellow of unflinching goodwill and mischief, named Emerson Frost Churchill (or, as it says on his mailbox, E.M. Churchill). The world is a strange and wonderful place, filled with light and magic and awe, music and quiet, song and singer, all rolled into a living symphony, with the stars as caretakers. Churchill is a singer of songs, a teller of tales, a subject of stories and an adventurer in search of adventure. He also knows the value of a good long quiet.

Here you will find stories about Churchill and by Churchill. You will find adventures, musings, ruminations, and an occasional guided tour through a favorite garden or two. You might even find a tip on planting something special, or some architectural information about the Boxwood hedge that is Churchill’s home.

There is no real plan here, no path, only starlight and powder blue dust.

The Old Broad in the big house will have a word or two of her own to add in due course.

If you find a story that pleases you we invite you to download it to read to your children at bedtime, or around a campfire. If, however, a rascal out there decides to gather up the stories, storylines, and/or any of the artwork, and publish it in any form whatsoever, either in print or on the web, we promise to send the badger after him for copyright infringement and, after the badger is finished with him, to feed what is left of him to the 3 lb. wild brown trout who live in the stream below Churchill’s house, and who occasionally get tired of mayflies for dinner. No exceptions.

Always remember that every time you use your imagination you have had a dancing lesson with the universe.

Churchill's World
The Old Broad Speaks
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