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The Whimsical World


Carold "Linda" Lewis

Rose & Birdie

To say that Linda is an extraordinary talent is to understate

the obvious by a magnitude of one thousand.

On the simpliest level, she is a dollmaker, but that is like

calling Einstein a math geek.

Taught by her mother and grandmother, Linda started making dolls

at seven.  Her first doll was a rag doll, with moveable eyes, that was

actually stuffed with rags.  She says her favorite dolls are "glamour" girls, babies, and hand-puppets.

She has the ability to take a photo from someone and make a doll,

dressed in a specified way (wedding, graduation), and to make

that doll look a great deal like the photo.  She does this with regular

dolls, but if you have a spare $500 she can make it 5 feet tall

so that it can join you in the livingroom to watch TV.

She has numerous awards and has been written about extensively.

Her background includes studies at Trade Tech College in Los Angeles,

the Resurrected Clothiers in L.A., and a stint at the Master Design School

in Chicago, where she holds certificates for Ladies Garment Designs.

ALL of her designs, from the doll itself to the clothing it wears,

right down to the underwear, are hers.  To say she works from

whole cloth is, perhaps for the first time, very true.

I hope you enjoy these folks below.  I will be adding more as

they sell.




To go to their page click the photo below.

Rose & Birdie


Sadie SOLD




Dee Dee


Carol Anne








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