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Carol Sklar

Carol and I met in the 80's, through a wonderful woman named

Juanita Slater, who passed away this last year (2009) just 4 months short

of her 100th birthday.  She was a painter, and her watercolors were

translucent.  She had a wide swath of friends, and Carol was among

the closest.  Because of Juanita I have the honor to share with you

some of the kind of jewelry that is truly fine art.  It is so original, and

breathtaking . . . well, I will let it speak for itself.

My intention here is not to sell this jewelry - I want you to see it, and

if you love it you can contact Carol directly and talk to her about a

piece just for you.  The photos below just give you an idea of what is

possible.  Some of the pieces are sold, some are not. If you like something

that is sold Carol said she could do a "reprise", similar but not exact.

It is, after all, art.

About the work:

Carol Sklar

e-mail her  HERE

Business phone  (707) 874-2220

Necklaces range from $250-$350

Earrings are generally $65


                           Snake Skin Jasper                          Fuchsia Olivejade Pearls


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