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American Craftsmen

This wonderful sculpture was made by Arthur Higgins of Oak Run Studios.

My darling Arthur passed away March of 2011, but I am

leaving his kinetic sculpture up to resonate through the ethers.

Over the years I have had the honor and privilege to meet many really wonderful, original, gifted American craftsmen and artists. Most of the time, unless you are a devotee of retail craft shows, your chance to see some of this work is limited to the galleries and stores who buy them at wholesale, to retail to you regionally. Many people go undiscovered, which is tragic when you consider the pool of talented Americans out there.

In that vein, with a personal knowledge of and friendship with some enormously talented folks out there, I have decided to take this part of my website and devote it to people you need to meet. I plan to show you a few pictures of their work, and then send you off to their website, where you can meet and chat with them personally, and order directly from them if you wish. In some cases I will sell the items directly, as some artists want nothing to do with websites - they simply want to create.

This section will grow as these busy people have time to get pictures to me. Many of these folks are closely, or loosely attached to the garden and home decor industry. This is the crowd who can tell you it is made in America.

The most important aspect is that they are your neighbors and countrymen, and their creativity and design has been the foundation upon which our reputation as a country for outrageous and wonderful innovation is based.

So, as the pundits say, “Stay tuned”. This section will just get bigger and better over time.

Linda Lewis                                    Carol Sklar


Pottery by

Al Hoeksema

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