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It is the policy of Great Green Apple not to share any of your information with anyone, for any reason whatsoever.  We take privacy seriously here.  In addition, we do not keep your information, which includes your name, address, and credit card number, on our computers.  This is a small company, by choice.  When you submit an order we download it from the shopping cart, make all free-shipping and discount adjustments, and then enter it into the payment gateway.

Nothing remains on our computer which can be hacked from the outside. While you may have gotten used to companies that store your information, we feel that the few seconds it takes to take your information each time protects you in many ways. 



Our website lives on a root server (ours alone, not shared with others) from Ubiquity. We wrote our own website, and we also have written our own shopping cart which is embedded in our website.  Even though the entire website has an SSL certificate, we only encrypt the shopping cart to keep download time fast. The shopping cart is 256 bit encrypted, making any information you submit safe.  We do not store this information on our computers. Finally we manually enter information into Secure.Authorize.Net, our payment gateway,  which is also completely encrypted and safe. From the time you fill out the order form and submit it, until the time FedEx places the box on your doorstep, your information is safe and protected, and never sold or shared with anyone.

You probably didn't need to know all of this, but if you understand how and why you are safe no matter where you shop, you will make all your shopping experiences much safer. You will also know what to look for.

Updated December 3, 2012






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