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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Ordering again this year, Gina wrote" Last year's wreath

lasted and smelled lovely for MONTHS. I think we finally burned

it at  some 'it's-nearly-spring-any-day-now' kind of fire ritual -

that was maybe March or April."

Gina P. - Villa Grande CA.

I am sharing this note to answer some of your "Will it last" questions.

Susan  :-)


Meet Eutiquia Mota

She and her family make these beautiful wreaths and
centerpieces for the table, right here in Sandy.  I am SO
excited about offering them to you.

They are absolutely fresh, very full, and smell magnificent.
As with all fresh items, they will last all Winter but
then expect to recycle them. Warmer locations means shorter shelf-life.

The wreaths are a combination of Noble, Grand, Douglas Fir,

and some shaggy Cedar, with Blue Spruce for variety.
The berries, Ponderosa cones and Holly are also natural.

The wreath or centerpiece will be made for you and shipped in 48 hours.
Because we are offering the pieces this way, we need to know
WHEN you want it shipped, so be sure to put, in the
COMMENTS box during checkout, any special

instructions AND the SHIP DATE.

REMEMBER that during the Holidays FedEx gets backed-up, and
our usual 4 days anywhere can be 7 0r 8, so PLAN FOR THAT TOO!

The earlier you order, regardless of ship date, the safer your
target date will be.

The Wreaths

The 16" wreath

(remember you can add or subtract cones and Holly)



The Cross

(length is just under 24" - you can request berries n/c)


Table Centerpiece Medium

(about 18" - and you can add or change anything)



Small Wreath

 $ 54


Cross Wreath
24" x 16"

$ 54


Medium Centerpiece

$ 49


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