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Classic Mens

Peasant Shirt


Organic Mexican Cotton Comfort.


Organic Cotton Pants.

Elastic plus tie cord.

$ 67

the most comfortable pants you will own  





Clive the Kitten

$ 49   Free Shipping    



Small Seated Warrior

$ 59  Free Shipping

As a fair trade company, your purchases really do make a difference in the lives of the many artists we represent here. They set their own prices, according to their needs, and we respect those prices. As you can tell by the work found here, and the quality, this is a winning combination.

I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful thing it is to have such loyal and wonderful customers!  I love the little notes and comments in the the dialog box when you check out, and the very cool notes you leave with your orders.  I am smiling as I type this!  

Thank you SO much!


Hand-dyed tie necklace with seeds and pods by Solin and Walter.
Coming soon

I have updated the collection of black clay pottery from Mexico with 30 new pieces, which are really elegant and one of a kind, while being extraordinarily well-priced.  The Mateos family is quite famous in Mexico, but virtually unknown here. If you want to prove to one-and-all that you have exquisit taste, this is the gift I recommend, for someone special or for yourself.


And of course ALWAYS cotton clothing


                      for her                      for him

Be sure to check out cotton clothing for women AND men. I have also added some embroidered dresses for children. There are new blouses with LOTS of embroidery, headpieces, and belts for a fresh look. I recently added some wonderful new organic jewelry, made with seeds, pods, and stones like agate, jasper and quartz, to finish that breezy lightweight cotton look.  The blouses are also super-nostalgia gifts.


As we settle into Oregon we have begun to meet

the new critters.  Our first summer we saw this guy

out front.

He was just strolling around in the pasture with our

neighbor's horses (great for lawn-mowing) pouncing on available field mice.  Usually we don't see these guys, but on any evening they create quite a serenade. My critters

have stopped diving for the covers when they hear them.


The Canadian Geese are back.  Noisy and joyful!

I can't imagine living in any other way!

I am constantly reminded that I am a lucky soul.  I have been tying to do what I can to help those around me who need help, and all I ask from you is that you do ONE kind thing outside your comfort zone for 2015. Take a bag of canned goods to a local shelter, help out a family in need at your church, synagogue or temple, deliver a bag of dog food or cat food to your local shelter, do SOMETHING that may require an extra hour of your time.  If, like me, you have been lucky, then pay it forward. You'll feel GREAT!




About You

We want you really to enjoy coming here to see what's new, or where Churchill has been. We want you always to feel free to contact us with questions, or suggestions, which you can do easily in the “About Us” section. Mostly, we want to ignite your imagination, and tickle your fancy. We want you to catch yourself smiling as you go through our pages.

You also will find a new section inside Churchill called "The Old Broad Speaks", about finding a second career and building a website around it.

                Thank you for dropping by!








Hand Embroidered


$59 - $79

Mens side-stitch

detail shirt.

$ 62

Mens Beach Shirt

$ 62


Navy Blue & Lime

Pitcher w/4 glasses


Wine Glasses

set/4      $ 44




Black Clay Pottery



Seed Necklaces

Organic Seeded Belts

$38  free shipping

Warrior Woman

$ 29

Aztec Creation Myth

Mask by Pineda


free shipping



Clay Sculpture Busts

Confetti Pitcher

6 Margarita glasses


The Tin Rooster


Manatee Planter

Family of Sea Horses

Cocoon Shawls


free shipping


Sun Mask
$14 + actual shipping

Girls hand-embroidered




Gumdrop Ornaments

Set/3   $39

free shipping



Oregon Wreaths

$54  free shipping


Llama Wool Caps

$29   free shipping


Llama Wool Cape

$125 free shipping

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